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Artist Statement & Bio

Marcus Sroge, Principal Photographer

 My body of work spans over 18+ years from a young aspiring photographer, semi-pro, photography workshop instructor and pro photographer [since 1995].  The thrust of my photography business encompasses American weddings, South Asian/Indian Weddings, Engagement photography and corporate events.  I studied  photography at Illinois Institute of  Technology - School of Design where I majored in Industrial Design with a minor in photography.  Many of my original photographic images are featured, spotlighted and showcased by the three largest photographer hosting sites on the internet today.  Among other accolades, three of my 2014 wedding couples were featured in Today’s Chicago Woman - Wedding Belles January 2015 issue.

Like the famous jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson, saying a lot with a single piano key - I like the concept of a single photographic element speaking strongly and with creative expression.  For me - this is the photographer, the camera and subject matter fusing to create an artistic voice - a visual alchemy of sorts.  A few noteworthy photographers that have influenced my image making style include: Richard Avedon, Bill Brandt, Annie Liebovitz, Minor White (for the Zone System), Edward Steichen, Lartique, Edward Weston, Harry Callahan and Victor Skrebneski.

I exclusively shoot with Canon EOS DSLRs and use high-end professional Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron lenses.  I prefer, more times then not, creating images that isolate a mood, emotion, movement, a single idea or strong visual element.  I’m the kind of photographer that once you think you have me figured out - I surprise you with a new twist or fresh approach.   To me - the camera, subject matter and lens are analogous to what a hammer, steel, fire and water are to the blacksmith...simply tools.

My shooting style is fashion, people and design oriented.  My innate inquisitiveness and intuitive eye aids me in breaking from convention and redefining the rules as any given situation might dictate.  Ultimately - I want to give you [the viewer] a fresh, artistic or poetic way of  seeing and experiencing life.  Or - possibly you catch the reflections of  hope, laughter, creativity, freedom or joy in the nuance of my images.